About & Contacts

My current Kaggle results:

  • Talking Data Mobile: TOP 5%
  • Lung Cancer Problem detection: TOP 2%
  • Red Hat: TOP 12%
  • AllState: TOP 5%


  • Python (pandas, sklearn, numpy, matplotlib, xgboost, keras, …)
  • Hadoop/Spark/HiveQL
  • IBM SPSS Modeler
  • Can read & write code by using different lanuages (java, Scala, c++, php, HTML/CSS, etc…)

A few words about myself:

  • Degree in Coomputer Science (I graduated from Pacific State University which located in Russia and my degree is equal to MS degree in the US)
  • I’m a Green Card holder
  • Live in San Jose, CA


  • bernadsky@gmail.com
  • 408-791-48-57